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Matt Petri

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I lead innovators, entrepreneurs, storytellers and makers to turn ideas into products and create meaningful experiences. 




Teamwork creates products people value.

Users have high expectations of products and no single discipline drives the full value of a product. Strategy, design, and implementation must come together in cohesive harmony to ensure that the intended experience is delivered.

Innovation should be actionable.

Innovative ideas are only the beginning of a product. To succeed you must employ equal parts strategy and execution. Together they form the foundation of innovative and impactful products.

Build confidence,

then build products.

The best products are informed by a strong mix of behavioral science and user research. We use these to validate business concepts and generate actionable insights that can be translated into products.

Guiding Principles

Under NDA

Bringing gaming to millions of Chromebooks globally


Inventing and innovating with partners, from idea to launched

Kinetic Theory

Pivoting a stalled out startup.

Pani Source

Under NDA

Giving businesses control of their own credit.


Redefining the desktop through spatial computing.

Augmented Desktop

Imagining the future of desktop computing.


Conserving water by minimizing waste.

Pani Smart Water Meter

Monetizing 160 million Android phones.

Digital Turbine

​Designing technology to be beautiful, useful, and invisible.


Making shopping for glasses a more immediate experience.


Finding the best prices on millions of products.

WIkibuy (Capital One Shopping)

Connecting fans with their favorite celebrities.


Improving golf performance for players of all levels.


Select Work

I believe that exceptional products are a holistic creation. My work spans mediums, frequently taking the form of traditional software and hardware, but often occurring in a space, or simply as solid advice and guidance through a process.

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